Ways you can help now - Racial Equity

Besa is on a mission to transform civic engagement. We believe in building an inclusive space
that bridges the gap between the needs of our community and people who want to give back.
Right now, there is an urgency in our community to provide volunteers with tools and
opportunities to stand in solidarity with the Black community.

Besa has developed a racial equity program focused on advocacy, access
and activation to help volunteers engage in anti-racism work. Within this
framework, programming will be intentional, inclusive and celebratory, with
the goal of helping to build a thriving and sustainable community for all.


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Check out Besa's ongoing
volunteer opportunities.

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Books + Articles
An anti-racist reading list for adults and
kids suggested by anti-racist organizations,
educators, and Black-owned bookstores.

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Films + TV
Movies and TV shows that can help
you on your journey in understanding
racism in America.

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Stream podcasts that provide an
opportunity to engage with race and
how we got to this moment in time.

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Signing a petition is a social act;
take a stance against racism.
Sign one of these petitions.

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Racial Equity Organizations
Organizations working to research
and engage on issues of racial equity.

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Make a Donation to Besa
Every gift helps us connect more volunteers to critical need opportunities - including fighting racism - throughout our community. Donate now.

Community Calendar

Keep up with local marches and other community events. Please note these events are not hosted or sponsored by Besa.

Bethegood phone Crisis Text Line
Text HOME to 741741 to text with a trained crisis counselor. It’s completely free, confidential, and available 24/7.